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Chillout Zone


Author of the proposal: Jiří Šmejkal

Scope: architectural design, project documentation, author's supervision


Production: Scenografie s.r.o

Investor: Rock Café

Address: Národní 20, 110 00 Praha 1


Project:  2015/3

Realization: 2015/9


RhinoNews, Archiweb, eArch, StavbaWeb, Stavba a interiéry


Foto: Petr Klapper

Collaboration: Pavel Borůvka

Construction work: Michal Velebil

Patination: Zdeněk Audi, Vladimír Kuch

Corten: FoxySteel


The Rock Café club has been one of the oldest music clubs in Prague since 1990. This iconic club is located on three floors of a historic block in Národní Street. The assignment required a new solution of the hall of the music hall in the form of the Chillout Zone, connection and restoration of the hall of the lower floor with the upper floor of the gallery, but also the design of a unifying functional concept of the club together with easier orientation of visitors.

The parametrically designed ceiling covering the air-conditioning distribution and electrical installations was to create a unique atmosphere in the foyer and be easily identifiable. The basic pattern of the triangle is repeated on the original marble tiles. Thanks to the change in height levels, the observer gains a different, unique feeling in each place of movement, even by simply passing through the hall. Despite the different shape of the geometry, there was a minimal reduction in ground clearance. The spatial arrangement of the panels also improves the acoustic conditions of the foyer. The ceiling lighting is complemented by lacquered industrial shades. Different lighting modes in combination with recessed LED strips in the benches create a unique atmosphere according to the current functional content. The complete geometry was designed using the Grasshopper visual programming language for Rhinoceros. Thanks to the use of generative processes, it was possible to ensure fast and often repeated manipulation of the 3D ceiling model up to the production documentation phase. To simplify production, the design repeats a series of basic 32 triangles, which are supplemented by special atypical triangles at the points of connection to the construction openings. The choice of visual materials was based on the colors used by the Rock Café club. The dominant red was complemented by the expression of a rusting plate, underlining the rock atmosphere of the club. Due to weight reduction, radical simplification and acceleration of production and installation in a limited time, the final version of the ceiling is made of SDK boards provided with a multi-layer form of a hand-applied patina. The ceiling and the surface of the walls form 197 triangles with an area of ​​141 square meters.

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