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FUPA Chair 0.9

The proposed FUPA Chair (Fully Parametric) script is used to generate a "tailor-made chair". It is possible to generate a fully parametric model of the chair individually for each person, which responds to the client's input physiological data with its ergonomics. After creating the model, comes the free part of the modification details, where you can manipulate the individual parts of the chair from the inclination of the seat to the height of the backrest until the end of the design. All values ​​can be changed very quickly and easily to find the best fit or to create a very large number of variants. The whole product is made of a single material without the use of chemical or mechanical joints. Thanks to the involvement of algorithms for arranging parts on the surface, the maximum yield of boards is achieved and thus the environmental friendliness of the product is supported. Production data are generated for direct production on a CNC machine. The product is currently in the prototype phase. In further development, the material should be relieved of material. The chair is available in uniform size or in a custom design option.


Velikost uniform (WxLxH): 550x700x820mm

Material: plywood (pine)

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