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enviromental pavilion


Head of the projects: 

MArch. Marie Davidová

MgA. Martin Gsandtner M.Sc.

Ing. arch. Martin Šichman

Part of the project:

Arrangement of cooperation between the heads of departments of the Faculty of Wood Science and project managers. Focus on converting the idea concept into a digital parametric model. Preparation of complete casing documentation for CNC / Nesting algorithms. Transfer of production data to a CNC machine (definition of path, parameters). Physical production of segments and construction of a pavilion. Poster design.


Concept: Yuliya Pozynich

Students: Jason nam, Alena Repina, Daria Chertkova, Yana Vaselinko, Mikkel Wennesland, Dan Merta, Daniela Kleiman, Liv Storla, David Lukas, Christopher Hansen, William Glass, Jiří Šmejkal, Milan Podlena, Josef Svoboda, Tomáš Pavelka, Miroslav Runštuk, Ladislav Rubáš, Radim Sýkora, Anna Srpová, Ivana Kubicová, Gabriela Smolíková, Karel Ptáček, Jan Matiáš, Tomáš Mišoň, Lukáš Růžička, Jan Hyk, Marian Loubal

Foto: Rostislav Zapletal, Josef Svoboda


The pavilion was created as a result of cooperation between students of the Faculty of Architecture ARCHIP and students of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology. The pavilion was designed for the reSITE festival dealing with public space issues. During the festival, it was used as a stand for workshops, lectures and presentations by architects. The project investigated the properties of wood in combination with parametric design. The design was performed in Grasshopper software for Rhino and a Hundegger CNC circular saw and a HOMAG 3-axis CNC milling machine were used for production. The design was implemented in 3 weeks.

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