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The aim of the project was to create a library of the maximum possible dimensions of plywood boards with a reduced weight to a minimum. Based on the principles of topological optimization, the places where the minimum internal forces take place when the shelves are loaded were selected and removed. Thanks to the efficient use of the force flow diagram, we obtain a lightweight construction based on the same principles that are applied in industrial or automotive production. Thanks to this modification, the effort when handling individual parts is reduced, which can be transferred in parts or in one person. Thanks to precise production, assembly takes place by simply fitting the horizontal and vertical parts into each other without the use of chemical joints. The construction is therefore demountable and relocatable. Different shelf sizes and depths allow the storage of both standard baskets and larger items (A3 formats). Waste material from cut-outs can be used, for example, for the production of coffee tables or flower stands. The library can be purchased in the specified size or in an atypical version generated directly to measure without optimization.


From the original weight of 130 kg with full ribs, the weight was reduced to 84 kg by removing the material.


Size uniform (WxDxH): 2550x570x2100mm

Material: plywood (birch)

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